Last week marked the end of my fellowship with Amal Academy. It is a Stanford and PepsiCo supported career preparation fellowship where students learn various skills necessary for good jobs and career progression.

In our last session named “Taking Flight”, which was more of a lesson and farewell session distributed…

Edhi Sb was a great philanthropist and a true believer in humanity who started with nothing and built an international foundation. His foundation supports the poor, needy and aged people who have nowhere to go. Sadly, Edhi Sb is no more with us but his work should go on. In…

A week before, I’ve written a goal for myself and that was to attain work — life balance so that I could focus some time working on my side interests.

Here’s the steps that I needed to take:

Here’s my progress so far:

I am nearing the complete of website…

To disable swiping by Gesture, add following property to your PageView:

PageView(physics:new NeverScrollableScrollPhysics())

To navigate to next page/widget in PageView, add following code to your button’s onPressed attribute:

duration: Duration(milliseconds: 1000),
curve: Curves.easeIn

Hope it helps. ;)

Error: module ‘path_provider’ not found (solved)

Guide to Fix Error:

  1. Update CocoaPod if it is not updated (if not installed, run command: sudo gem install cocoapods)
  2. Make flutter channel to master (cmd: flutter channel master)
  3. Upgrade flutter (cmd: flutter upgrade)
  4. Switch to flutter project directory (cmd: cd <project-folder>)
  5. Clean flutter project (cmd: flutter clean) then get dependencies (cmd: flutter pub get)
  6. Change to ios folder in project directory (cmd: cd ios)
  7. Deintegrate pod (cmd: pod deintegrate)
  8. Install pod (cmd: pod install)

That’s all. Hope it helps.

PS: If the above method doesn’t work, just create a new flutter project and copy your “lib”, “assets” and “pubspec.yaml” folders/files to your new project and run it.


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