A week into philanthropy

1. Planning

The first step of our project was to devise a strategy on how we are going to approach people and convince them into making a donation to Edhi Foundation.

  • To approach people, we decided to get in touch using simple image posters supplemented by a simple text message personalized according to our target audience that is, our friends, family and acquaintances. The images should explain our initiative and donation information. There were 3 great posters designed and 1 video by group members Nadeem, Aliza, Aamir, Maryam and Yasir.
  • All asset files can be found at this link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1vb3Vu9K1a6x-BhiuYj_UZx7e4TtFbXV2?usp=sharing
  • After getting content ready, we decided to leverage the power of social media and post the content on our stories. To make it more effective, we also reached out personally to our friends, family and groups. We set a target of getting 30 donations per circle member.

2. Execution

After planning, we moved on to executing our plan as soon as possible by posting the content to our stories and texting our friends and family in person. Here’s how our experience has been while executing our plan, the challenges that arose and the way we overcame them:

  • Posting on the status and story updates did not really help us a lot. Contacting people personally and telling them about the initiative of Amal Academy’s fundraising for the Edhi Foundation has proved helpful.
  • Many people were reluctant at first to doubt the initiative as a fake or scamming activity but after explaining and providing proper document proof issues by Amal, most of the people were convinced into making the donations.
  • Lack of interest was also a major factor since many people do not want to put any effort into going through all the steps of the donation process. So, most of our close friends and family members were more likely to make that effort for us rather than the strangers.
  • Engaging with people in the group was not helpful at all since people put no notice or miss your message in a group chat.
  • Some people had trouble making donations and need guidance so we provided a complete walkthrough on how to donate.
  • Few people told us that they could not make donations at the moment due to their busy schedule and shall get them done in their spare time, so we also had to remind them a few times.

3. Statistics

Let’s see some statistics of our fundraising activity:

  • Total people reached: 22
  • Total businesses/community centres reached: 1
  • Total people/entities that provided funds: 16
  • The total amount of funds collected: 4,500 PKR
  • Total people reached: 20–25
  • Total people/entities that provided funds:
  • The total amount of funds collected: 1,518 PKR
  • Total people reached: 15–16
  • Total people/entities that provided funds: 1
  • The total amount of funds collected: 10,000 PKR
  • Total people reached: 15
  • Total people/entities that provided funds: 6 (updated)
  • The total amount of funds collected: 2,820 PKR

4. Conclusion

The lesson that we learned from this activity was that no matter how much rejection or failure you face in life, you have to persist. Persistence is the key to more opportunities. At first, most people were reluctant but our resilient efforts in terms of explaining the initiative, guiding them on the payment process and appreciating them for their donations proved to bring the best outcome for this initiative. It also instilled in us a strong motivation to participate in such activities onwards.



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