Taking Flight with Amal Academy 🕊

Sarmad Ashfaq Chaudhary
2 min readOct 23, 2021

Last week marked the end of my fellowship with Amal Academy. It is a Stanford and PepsiCo supported career preparation fellowship where students learn various skills necessary for good jobs and career progression.

In our last session named “Taking Flight”, which was more of a lesson and farewell session distributed over two weeks, we all shared about what we have learned in the fellowship and how did it impact our lives. We also appreciated one another, participated in crazy activities, shared stories and applauded each other for their support and positive impact.

We learnt together, worked together, laughed together, participated in activities together, shared our setbacks, support and uplifted fellows together. However, the important part to me was connecting emotionally with my fellows in the span of 3 months and recalling it in our last session. Doing that ‘spooky’ and ‘Amal colours to life’ videos was quite fun. Filling the appreciation pad-let board made me realise how my gratitude for others has improved and makes me happy.

We promised to stay in touch with and help out each other in any capacity possible. Not sure about others but I shall do my best to remain connected with my peers on our WhatsApp and Facebook channels and support any one that needs my help.

Moving forward, skills learnt at Amal Academy shall help me in all phases of personal and professional life. I can already see the improvement and best application of key skills in my professional interactions such as meetings, managing subordinates and taking up projects. In my personal life, appreciating, supporting and showing gratitude gives me contentment and makes my family members happy and feeling valued.

Before I conclude, I must extend my special thanks and love to Mam Rohma Shehzad 🌸 and Mam Dania Khalil 🌷 for they are the reason why everything stated above has been so amazing. Mam Rohma is the best support as a mentor that I have ever had in my life and Mam Dania sets up the bars for how remarkable and well composed a person can be. I definitely shall remain in touch with you and depending on your support for any tough time in my life. Thank you! ✨

As far as I go remembering the best moments and good impact of Amal Fellowship on my life, my reminiscence has no ends. If I can some up this whole fellowship in one word, I would say “Serendipity” — a fortunate phase in my life.