Sarmad’s Mega Project Idea :)

Sarmad Ashfaq Chaudhary
2 min readAug 21, 2021

Problem Statement

There is no affordable and easily accessible career counselling platform for intermediate students. The students struggle finding the right career path and institutions based on their abilities, passions and academic history. Such students are in dire need of a highly accessible and easy-to-use platform that provides services such as profiling based on interests, institution selection and private mentorship sessions with professionals.


We shall start a web-based career counselling platform that shall act as a source of connecting students with teachers and career professionals. It shall comprise the following features:

  • Free services such as profiling of students based on their careers of interest, academic records and achievements.
  • Institution recommendations based on the profiled data of students.
  • Services like private mentorship sessions charged with a small fee, shall also help professionals and teachers to earn money in their efforts to guide students.
  • The platform shall be accessible to both the students and teachers via their smartphones and laptops.

What is the benefit?

This mega project shall bring mutual benefit to all the stakeholders involved. Let’s see how:

  • Students get private mentoring at a very affordable fee.
  • Students are able to select best institution and degree program for their career path, helps them in lifelong learning and contributing back to society.
  • Teachers earn extra money offering mentorship services in their spare time.
  • Our platform earns a small portion of fee that helps it self-sustain its functioning and pay for marketing as well as hosting charges.