Sarmad’s Mega Project Idea :)

Problem Statement


  • Free services such as profiling of students based on their careers of interest, academic records and achievements.
  • Institution recommendations based on the profiled data of students.
  • Services like private mentorship sessions charged with a small fee, shall also help professionals and teachers to earn money in their efforts to guide students.
  • The platform shall be accessible to both the students and teachers via their smartphones and laptops.

What is the benefit?

  • Students get private mentoring at a very affordable fee.
  • Students are able to select best institution and degree program for their career path, helps them in lifelong learning and contributing back to society.
  • Teachers earn extra money offering mentorship services in their spare time.
  • Our platform earns a small portion of fee that helps it self-sustain its functioning and pay for marketing as well as hosting charges.



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