The Pomodoro Friday

Sarmad Ashfaq Chaudhary
1 min readAug 28, 2021

Well, it’s quite late that I’m writing about my past day, Friday, when I applied Pomodoro’s method to get things done in a productive manner. Those who do not know about Pomodoro, it’s basically a technique that includes 25 mins of uninterrupted work and 5 mins of breaks and so on.

So, the tasks I completed are:

  • Preparing lecture on Flutter Course Day 8 (completed in 2 Pomodoro)
  • Completed the remaining Amal Course
  • Sleep (I know it’s kinda crazy, anyways I did that too xD)

Was it difficult?

Yeah, a bit actually. Phone notifications caused some distraction but putting it on ‘Do not disturb’ mode is how you take care of that. Other than that, it was rather amusing and gave you a feeling of accomplishment in the 5 mins break after making progress with the task.

Accomplished more or less?

Definitely more! Since all the distractions were put to limit and the only focus was the task in hand, I felt more focused and productive in completing that task. When more than one Pomodoro add up, the accomplishment gets bigger.

Plan on doing everyday?

Yes, I plan on completing everyday tasks using Pomodoro. I’ll have a slight modification to it so that when I’m at home I can account for minor interruptions but yeah this method totally works. Experience can be further improved if you take some rest or treat yourself after every 4 Pomodoro completed. That way, you shall have time for checking on things and notifications that you’ve missed while focusing on your work.