Visualising my experience at Amal Academy

Knowing myself

Although I had tough time taking curated courses by Amal Academy, I did actually learn about a lot of things from a different perspective. From improving professional skills to knowing myself better, I have learnt a tremendous amount of new skills — time management, self-reflection, leadership, communication, giving your best, teamwork, building professional resumes and acing interviews. Managing Amal’s Mega Project along with my job and FYP was quite stressful but I’m glad that I did it. We, as a team, have created a small but fruitful impact in getting students to make good career choices. With that, I have one addition to my skills which is ‘managing team in pressure’. Interacting with people from diverse areas of Pakistan has also been a rewarding experience in reshaping my mind. Self-reflection was the best part.


Here’s a beautiful photo of my other dog, Max, just to make your day! :)



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